The #1 Tip for Living A Great Story

The #1 Tip for Living A Great Story

This is #1 tip for living a great story. 

Over the last 5+ years of talking to thousands of people about their story, this is biggest lesson I've learned.

Applying this foundation to your life will take you further than any other tactic, strategy or trick.

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After my grandfather passed away, I committed full speed to LIVE A GREAT STORY.

I was fully in. I was going to figure it out. No matter what. No matter the obstacles.

Trust me, being the hero of your story isn’t easy. 

There are obstacles and resistance. 

But going on that hero's journey, truly writing your story and crafting your life is the most inspiring, impactful, and empowering choice that you can make. 

So I made that choice and I set out on this journey of pursuing my great story by spreading the LIVE A GREAT STORY as far and wide as possible. 

As the message started spreading, I soon realized that so many people felt similarly... 

But in their own unique way. 

The message started spreading, slowly at first, around San Diego and Austin. People were taking pictures and sharing on social media, and it started spreading… and spreading and spreading and spreading.

People from all different walks of life, all different cities, countries, backgrounds, religions, languages, somehow the message had this resonance for people that touched on a very human element. 

And that deep humanity connects people. Everywhere. 

Put a sticker on your phone, wear a hoodie, travel with a flag and I pretty much promise that someone will stop and ask you about it, sparking up an amazing opportunity to share stories.

Through hearing thousands of stories about the message and first-hand witnessing the power of the message, I’ve realized one absolutely important point.  

All great stories are stories of community.

Because living a great story, alone, is not possible. 

To fully manifest your journey and craft your story into its full potential requires other people.

You have to do it with people that support you, that encourage you, that pull you forward.

And to live a great story, alone, is not worth it.

There are way too many stories of people that forsake their relationships, stepping on other people to get to the top.

That's not what it's about. 

The secret is surrounding ourselves with the right people who learn, grow, face obstacles, develop their strengths and use their passions to live their own great story.

The magic happens when you connect with those like-minded people. 

You're with your people, you're bringing people along with you and you're inspiring people to do the same.

The rising tide lifts all ships. 

And so out of five years of growing LIVE A GREAT STORY, I've learned that it's all about us, together.

Life is about moving forward in a group, helping and inspiring others to do the same. It's about facing life together to support each other so that we can all live a great story together.

There’s power in numbers.

When you’re in a group of people who are the author of their story, who are moving forward and facing life with optimism, inspiration and action, the potential is limitless.

I realized the power of what happened when we brought like-minded people together. 

In the beginning months of LIVE A GREAT STORY, after I committed fully, I started trying to connect people on similar journeys. 

I used LIVE A GREAT STORY as a beacon to attract people living their own great story and to connect the people that answered the call. 

And people answered. 

All. Types. Of. People. 

So many people from seemingly totally different walks of life but all on their own mission to write their own great story. 

The “how” was different for everyone. 

Creatives, entrepreneurs, corporate, retired, college students… all defining their own path in a uniquely authentic way. 

But when we all got together, I realized that the “why” was the same. 


To pursue our passions, to collect experiences, to spend time with people we love and to live a life that, at the end of it all, we can look back and be proud of.

Through hosting events across the country, bringing people together to talk about life, to share about their challenges, lessons, experiences and to truly listen to others, I realized the amazing power of community.

And now, for the first time, we’re taking the community digital, to spark these conversations, encourage connections and to use the power of community to inspire you to pick up the pen and write your great story. 

Because you can’t do it alone and life is way better when you have the support and encouragement to overcome your doubt, align with your story and find the next breakthrough in your story, together.

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