a personal letter

Honestly I've been pretty emotional recently

My baby LIVE A GREAT STORY turns 10 in a few weeks...

it's a bit overwhelming thinking back to a decade worth of stories.

Two hands worth of years ago this crazy idea was born out of a one-way flight, a can of red spray paint and a few stickers with a simple message.

It's been a hell of a ride ever since!

I'm looking at the last ten years as Volume 1 in the series.

Volume 2 and the next 10 years starts on July 12th (in 38 days)

This milestone feels like the closing of a chapter to welcome a re-birth / re-launch / fresh start.

It feels like I'm just getting started but this time I get to take all the hard earned lessons I've learned through countless trial and errors, almost catastrophic failures and first hand experience to bring to life a whole new chapter for LIVE A GREAT STORY

They say overnight successes are ten years in the making...

Sounds about right

I'm so stoked for *everything* arriving July 12th  

  • Get ready for a completely new bad ass website that's seriously fire 
  • 25+ new apparel pieces coming for all your summer adventures 
  • We're announcing an incredible partnership with an Austin non-profit that helps economically disadvantaged youth reach their full potential through mentoring, leadership and outdoor adventure 
  • The next chapter of our inspiring community is opening for enrollment 
  • We're going to celebrate biggg time here in ATX  

All of this is dropping July 12th (ten years to the date of the first Instagram post)   However...

The Launch Team is getting early access to shop the new limited collection and we're hooking everyone up with free gear.

It's our way of saying thanks for being part of this movement and for building this with us, together.

LIVE A GREAT STORY has inspired the people around the globe because of people like you wearing our apparel, traveling with our gear and sharing the LIVE A GREAT STORY across the world.

I told y'all we're just getting started, we're turning it up and it's coming in hot!

If you want to be part of this next chapter, click here to join the Launch Team for early access to the website, free gear and behind-the-scenes action to everything coming up.

Grateful for everyone who's been a part of this idea, so incredibly stoked to keep it going. Hope you don't miss out on the action.  

-z (founder)

P.S. I'm cleaning out the warehouse to make room, shop these items at a big discount. Everything here is never coming back and it needs to go (sale ends at midnight tomorrow 6/5)