10th Anniversary Sneak Peek

July 12th LIVE A GREAT STORY turns 10 years old.

We're starting the celebration early and you're invited to the party.

Over the next three months, we're making moves to refresh all parts of this movement to plan for next decade of adventure.

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"What exactly is coming up??"

  • Fresh website
  • Brand new apparel collection
  • 10 Year Party in Austin
  • Local meet ups in your city maybe
  • Stories stories stories

The Launch Team is already stacked so you'll be joining hundreds of adventurous people living inspiring stories.

"I've been here since the first Ambassador group. I love to hike in women's groups, empowering them to reach their goals and enjoy life. I've given out 100s of buttons. I've participated in Mud Girl run as a team wearing LIVE A GREAT STORY shirts."

"This message become a driving force in my life. More than I could ever explain. Everyday I take living a great story to the max. I also lead a team of over 1500 people and I share this with them on almost every chance I get. From stickers on my laptop to the luggage tag I keep on my brief case, to how I end my speeches. Thanks for sending such positivity and perspective with the world!"

"I did a bike and sail adventure in the Netherlands last April, I brought some little stickers and 2 flags with me. I shared the stickers with people I met in the little towns we road to and gave a flag to the captain of our schooner we sailed on all week."

"I do Wilderness Search and Rescue with my K9. While out in the wilderness I do not wear cotton but when out and about I live in your sweatshirt and tees. It is a wonderful conversation starter about your company and what I do."

"Ya'll inspired me at a low point in my life. Many thanks and happy to help advance the mission :)"

"Currently debating signing up for my first Ultramarathon this August - maybe some new women’s athletic apparel/ small sweat towels to carry all 31+ miles would make this decision more tempting. LOVE everything this company advocates for and proud to be a fan!"

"I think a LIVE A GREAT STORY bicycle jersey or a full kit would look great! I continue to live my great story following Stage 4 throat cancer and love sharing the message. Looking forward to seeing what’s in store and would love to be a part of the next chapter."

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-z (founder)